Internet Protocol television is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks which also is referenced as IPTV.

If you would like to subscribe for one then you have reached the correct place, continue on reading and you shall not be disappointed.

Do you have an unlimited internet connection or Wifi installed home?

Have you subscribed already to a service that struggles to meet your expectations?

Do you have such a scenario as the listed below?

  • A service that gives you a lot of African Channels but there are no meaningful sports?
  • A different one that brings you a single EPL match in a whole week + it always needs a booster for the viewing to be clear?
  • Maybe a service that doesn’t show the entertainment channels that you want,?
  • Or another that has every entertainment channel on the planet but No sports?

If you answered YES then you must be looking for a better service right?

Introducing ECHO TV

The only online service that’s geared towards satisfying all the family members tastes and YOU particularly

So what’s in it for me?

  • Entertainment channels: African (multiple languages), Arabic, Indian, English, and others
  • Sports Channels showing these sports and more: Cricket, Rugby, Football, Golf, Tennis, Darts, Basketball, American Football, Athletics, etc…
  • A Telegram Channel that has a daily sports schedule with channels lists and times + other announcements (NO MISSED EVENT ANYMORE)
  • Line expiry reminders prior by 3 days and another reminder on the expiry date itself
  • A video club that has movies and series from all around the world in multiple languages (some with subtitles).
  • Trials for 1 day or 1 Week (1-day trials are disabled at some days)
  • Can be installed on almost all internet-enabled devices: Smart TV, Android Tv Box, Amazon Firestick, etc..
  • Easy to install through the setup guide here
  • Buffer-Free streaming experience
  • Doesn’t require high speeds (you can operate on as little as 5mbps) but more is strongly recommended.

All these features bundled into one service fee of just $10 a month (Discounted prices for lengthier periods)