What is SuperSport?

SuperSport is a South Africa-based Pan-Africa group of television channels carried on the DStv satellite platform. It provides sports content in South Africa and many other African countries.[1]

The channel broadcasts most of the major sporting events and leagues of association football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, motorsport, cycling, boxing, wrestling, hockey, athletics. It is the former world’s biggest broadcaster of live rugby and cricket been overtaken by Sky Sports, and also the world’s second biggest Premier League broadcaster, broadcasting matches live and, where possible, in HD through the Premier League’s Content Service Sr.[2]

Apart from its satellite channels, SuperSport also feeds content to M-Net, CSN and occasionally to M-Net HD.

How many Sport channels are there in the bouquet ?

More than 10 Channels :

  • S Rugby
  • S Variety 1
  • S Variety 2
  • S Variety 3
  • S Variety 4 
  • S Golf
  • S Cricket
  • S Tennis
  • S Motorsport
  • S Football
  • S PSL
  • S LaLiga
  • S Grandstand
  • S WWE 
  • S Maximo
  • S Play
  • SuperSports Blitz


How to get started and watch those channels?

You will need to have a subscription with the service in order to be able to stream content so here is the trial page from where you can have a test trial and check out the service before subscribing.

Here  can have a subscription for:

After you got your credentials by email you will be able to stream and watch the channels live on your smart Device

For Supported Devices Kindly click this link >> Setup Guide


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